Student motivation to study.

Student motivation to study

Higher education is vital for a sustainable future, but not every student throughout the student understands. First, enrolling in the first course of University, there comes the boundless happiness from their new status and bright prospects, but the feeling of euphoria very soon gives way to an insurmountable laziness and depression, an acute unwillingness to study further.

Begin systematic absences and a lack of vapor without a good reason, here is the diploma of higher education falls under the big question!
For this very reason, many irresponsible students to prematurely «go the distance» and not having received a treasured crust of higher education.
But what are best friends?
That they should promptly come to the rescue and not to give «to get lost in three pines» the future graduate.
I personally know 7 ways how to motivate the other to study, and I decided to share the experience!
7 ways to motivate other to study

1. To evoke a sense of excitement

There is a group of people that reacts strongly to the notion of «Weak» and student is no exception to the existing rules. So why not use this sense of excitement to good use? But how to act with these potential players?
Truth is born in dispute, and that is required to provoke such a dispute. And then a matter of time when the opponent will get yourself all hot and go to personality.
Here is the insert key phrase: «And you that weak to get a degree»?
After these words he can not get away, since the notion of «Weak» acts like a red rag to a bull. A bet is a bet so to not look in the eyes of the public the latter a weakling, a quitter and a bummer to have to «gnaw granite of science» for the realization of all their promises.
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As practice shows, this method works great, especially if we are talking about male students. Men, as a rule, are accustomed to keep his word, especially in front of girls, so that soon the studies in the University and academic performance «will get better», so to speak.
Way is not honest, because you have to catch up on that opponent in the so-called «state of passion», but then thank you still say received a start in life.
As a rule, the understanding of the importance of higher education comes much later release from the University, when graduate job and looking forward to a profitable and promising job.

2. Dispute with good intentions

There are students who do not feed bread, let alone to argue. This, too, can benefit from the good intentions, if your opponent has no desire to study at University.
For example, it is possible to conclude a dispute in which lazy students who have received higher education, is the winner. The idea is good, the main thing – to choose the best and attractive prize which will be the incentive to win.
You can bet on a wish, then the student will not only do well throughout the semester, and during the session, but also to think about what you’ll think if you ever come to the coveted victory.
If a dispute between two friends, you can not worry – the desire to be a fun, funny and entertaining.
Well, I have to spend a few minutes a clown, but the ultimate goal is achieved – each graduate will be able to find a job in the specialty.
I know many cases, when higher education was received is in dispute, and the prevailing lazy and now working in the specialty, is rapidly moving up the Union ladder. So the chances to interest a gambler is quite high.

3. Good job – high quality rest

After each session the long – awaited holidays-a time of relaxation and fun that you want to spend unforgettable.
Who but best friends will help pass the time, make a merry company, will raise output the spirits and fill a boring vacation the most unforgettable memories, new impressions, colorful photos?
You can play on this: promise unforgettable holidays in return for the successful delivery of session. What is not an incentive, especially in today’s world of entertainment for young people abound?
Friend will have to improve their academic performance at the University and pull all the loose ends, especially if he loves having fun spending time with friends.

There can connect the relatives, promising student a voucher or other form of entertainment. Such promises will be a great incentive to worthy achievement, exemplary school and high average score for the next session. And there it is possible that the learning during the semester on «good and excellent» will suddenly become a habit of the student and the scholarship is the norm.

4. Gifts for a good education

For a good and exemplary school is very nice and touching to give gifts. For example, good friends may periodically encourage each other gifts, increasing the incentive to study.
Such favour to the student of the University can show parents who are also interested in the future and the prospects of their offspring.
There is an option: friends beforehand to agree on the gifts, and then study hard during the semester to after the regular session to give each other a welcome gift.

Who did the session, he was left without a promotion, but he needs to give the gift an exemplary student. So it was a mutually beneficial agreement, is required to — to lay to school, raise their GPA and then finally to the long awaited surprise.
By the way, this method of motivation to learn is often used by students of European universities and, as practice shows, it works perfectly, improves performance, self. So what can new knowledge to obtain, and the gift to myself for sure will never buy.

5. Incentive plans

So that the student graduated from the University in the status of the graduate, and friends you want to encourage his enthusiastic stories about the future.
What such far-reaching conversations inspire, set up in feats. Always nice to introduce yourself secured and self-sufficient, with good work and good housing conditions.
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Today’s dreams tomorrow can become a reality, the main thing is to set a goal and to achieve it rapidly.
It’s a good start to get a higher education, since graduates with bright minds so interested the state, employers and all spheres of life.
If you did graduate from University, can count on a promising job, a decent wage, promotion of the trade Union ladder, a bright future.
Many students exactly stimulate themselves to knowledge, not giving up and is rapidly moving toward its most cherished dream – to be provided and an important person.

6. «Together cheerfully to walk…»

How to promote to school best friend? Of course, personal example! If you set a goal – to pull a semester on a scholarship, and friends would also be different.
Learning together is always fun, and the added responsibility not only for their academic performance but also for the formation of a close friend.
However, fun to sit in the library together is more interesting to grasp new knowledge faster together to solve a complex task, because, as you know: «One head – good, two is better».
So, together, can be brilliant to graduate from University, get a diploma and invaluable knowledge for their future profession.
Most often students choose this Patriotic motivation to study than once again proving the loyalty of the friendship, cohesion, commitment and organization.
If you develop such a habit even in the first year, then on the third study will seem like a fun hobby, not an obligation, flour and bail.

7.Prove your worth

Some students are motivated by best friends, others by strict and demanding parents, and others by picky teachers. Very often, it is teachers who become the unshakable stimulus that leads to new knowledge, a red diploma and internal self-sufficiency.
Yes, the claiming teacher does not just make you study and scares you with unsatisfactory grades, it revives the desire for new heights, the desire to prove your worth, the suitability of your chosen specialty.
Well, friends can only watch this battle between the two warring parties, but the student will certainly not be worse from such competitions with the teacher.
The desire to prove his genius will make you go to the library once again, seriously and permanently sit down at textbooks, thoroughly understand completely incomprehensible topics, prepare brilliantly for the session and successfully pass the exams, having received the long-awaited right to a scholarship.
In fact, all this is real, the main thing is to set a goal and prove that you are not the worst student in the stream, but the hope and support of your future profession.
First of all, you yourself will grow up in your own eyes, and there already all your friends will admire such a stunning breakthrough. And so they become qualified specialists competent in the chosen specialty.
Conclusion: Maybe someone has a different motivation, how to get a friend to learn. I’m happy to listen to all the ideas, because, as I wrote earlier: “One head is good, and two is better.” Moreover, good friends can never be left in trouble, and a higher education will allow in the future to be maximally revealed and realize all your potential, knowledge gained at the university.
Do you know any interesting ways to increase motivation? Share your findings below in the comments.
Now you know how to motivate a friend to study.

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